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Massage has been proven to improve circulation, strengthen connective tissues, relieve sore muscles, improve mental alertness, and more.  Each massage therapist is fully trained and committed to making your massage a relaxing, therapeutic, and totally enjoyable experience. 
 Massage Rates:     
 20 Minute Massage  $30
 30 Minute Massage  $50
 45 Minute Massage  $65
 60 Minute Massage  $80
 90 Minute Massage  $120
All massages of 30 minutes or longer include complementary use of sauna, shower, sandals, robe, hot steam towel, beverage, and relaxing lounge.
This relaxing, pampering, and therapeutic massage is ideal for soothing tired muscles, stimulating circulation, and combating stress.  Long, rhythmic strokes are used to promote a calming of the mind and a total relaxation of the body.
Deep Tissue
Deep pressure that concentrates on specific muscle groups to relieve deeply rooted stress and tension, work out muscle knots, and reduce muscle pain.  An intense treatment that is energizing, therapeutic, as well as relaxing.
This vigorous massage uses compression and cross fiber friction techniques to warm and loosen muscles.  Ideal before or after a sports activity.
Soothing strokes are used to relax and relieve the stress and strain of expectant mothers.

Couples Massage
Enjoy a massage together in the same room.  Your side be side massages will let you share the enjoyment of a relaxing massage with someone special. 
Reflexology              25 minutes:   $40
Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet to produce a "reflex" action on organs and glands through the nerve endings on the soles of the feet.  Better health and well being is the result.

Chair Massage  
Chair massages are ideal for a quick stress buster at lunch or when you don't have the time for a full body massage.
15 minute Neck and Shoulder                $20
20 minute Neck, Shoulder, and Back      $30
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